Does your child have a hunched back or show other postural problems?


It is not uncommon to see this in elderly people, however today it seems it is happening to many of us and even to our youth. Perhaps because youth nowadays aren’t getting enough exercise and are spending a lot of time in an incorrect posture while reading phones, siting, or using laptops. The earlier in life we can correct posture the better, allowing us to live healthy, comfortable and pain free lives. It is not difficult to check if your child is facing a posture problem. It may be that one shoulder sits higher than the other, or one leg appears taller than the other in more serious cases. But more importantly how can we adjust it?

Posture can be greatly improved through lifestyle changes such as reducing your child’s sitting time and increasing their amount of exercise. For youth already having quite obvious posture problems it may be sensible to arrange a professional body posture assessment with a qualified professional who will propose exercises specific to your child. Exercises to improve and maintain posture is just one of the many things your child can learn at WorldTrainer youth Academy!

patty lee