How about a different 618 this year?


It’s the time of the year when all of the e-commerce platforms, social media channels and even offline shops in China are focussing on one big campaign - the 618 shopping promotion! Mothers will stock up on all kinds of household goods and female products, fathers get the chance to buy that specific gadget they’ve been wanting for ages, and teens finally have an excuse to buy a new electronic device. But sometimes we spend money on something we don’t even need and regret purchasing the item quite quickly.

It’s true that pleasure from material things don't usually last long. What we really need is good health, inner happiness, honest friends and great community relationships. So for this year’s 618 festival, in addition to shopping for new gadgets remember that this is also a good time for kids to attend a fun new event to build their social skills. Call your friends from WorldTrainer China youth program to hold a training session for your kids, you know life can always be different!

patty lee