The grit guide for teens


Many people in the world of education and personal development are talking about ‘grit’ these days. What does it mean? ‘Grit’ means toughness and perseverance, an ability to face adversity.

The concept of grit was first made popular in a 2016 bestselling book by psychologist Angela Duckworth. She studied the performance of middle school students and found that perseverance and passion, more than IQ or 'talent', were the key factors of their achievements. Her book has spawned a whole movement around measuring and developing ‘grit’ in students, entrepreneurs and employees. The book, ‘The Grit Guide for Teens’, is one example. Written by a child psychologist and building on Duckworth’s core research, the book provides practical guidelines for teens to develop a ‘gritty’ mindset, turn disappointments into opportunities, embrace challenges and manage stress. The exciting and encouraging message of this book for parents is that success is not based on natural-born talent, that grit can be learned, and this book aims to teach teens how to develop this important trait.

We couldn’t agree more!

patty lee