What is happiness?


Positive psychology said: happiness is not given by someone else, it is a kind of ability that needs to be built and it is best for kids to learn when they are 3-12 years old. The ability to be happy is a lifelong skill, important for us to build, but how can we do that? Before you can, you need to build the below abilities:

  1. Empathy. When your kids have the ability to show empathy, they understand people around them better, respect them and care for them. On the other hand, people will love to make friends with your kids;

  2. Optimism. A kid who is optimistic always sees the good things in life, they don’t easily accept bad situations;

  3. Generosity. A generous kid is always willing to share, most of them are good at communicating with friends and good team players;

  4. Ability to imagine the future. A famous principal once said: We need to educate children now not to be limited by where they are at the moment. For example, don’t just focus on what grades your kids can achieve at school but pay attention to how much they can achieve in the future with persistence. Don’t stop imagining a better future with your child even if you feel you are just a regular worker;

  5. Exercise regularly. Researchers have found that people who enjoy exercise, they are happier than those who don’t exercise. When we do exercise, our brain secretes endorphins, a hormone which increases our happiness.

Of all the above abilities, regular exercise is probably the easiest one to help your kids to develop. Have you helped build any of these skills for your kids yet? If not, don’t worry, you can start now with WorldTrainer China!

patty lee