How to make teenagers love exercise?


There are many benefits of a consistent workout schedule, but it’s not easy for young teenagers to escape laziness. What parents and teachers do to combat this habit matters a lot to teenagers. So how can we make them (keep) loving exercise?

Firstly, children's habits are largely influenced by their parents, so the best encouragement parents can offer is by example. When you model how exercise can be relaxing, renewing, and enjoyable, that lesson can take. Furthermore, encourage your child to move their body with an intrinsic reason of ‘feeling’ better rather than endorse the extrinsic goal of ‘looking’ better. Also, try to align specific exercises in a way that aligns with their hobbies and physical capabilities and support kids’ choices.

Teachers can organize competitions and games to help stimulate students’ interest and allow them to experience accomplishment and success. Lastly, make the students aware of the importance of training through other channels and platforms such as videos, demonstrations etc.

patty lee