How to prevent injury during training?


Stretching is an important prevention technique that should become a habit for all athletes before starting an activity or sport. A lack of stretching is often a key cause of muscle injury. This said, excessive exercise can also lead to injury. As parents, make sure your child understands that he or she should seek help if experiencing pain or something that just doesn’t feel right.

Ensuring that the right form is being used is highly important as an exercise being done incorrectly can lead to injury. Athletes of all ages need a proper rest as a lack of sleep and muscle fatigue predispose an athlete to injury. Ensure that you stay hydrated before during and after exercise is also crucial to be mindful of.

Every training session should be done gradually without a too higher level of intensity for your body. If an injury happens it is recommended to follow R.I.C.E. This well-known treatment stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation and can help reduce swelling, pain and promote healing and/or check in with your doctor.

patty lee