Free class introduction


At World Trainer, our mission is to empower today’s youth, help them develop physical strength and the right mind-set to overcome challenges.

We offer a holistic program that combines physical exercises, fun games and life lessons to allow your child to discover the importance of exercise and health, build self-confidence, a positive mind-set and interpersonal skills.

The next World Trainer Youth Academy starts on 5th September and will last 12 weeks. There are 3 modules: Self-awareness; Mindset & Attitude; Interpersonal skills & Teamwork. Every course includes three parts: Inspire, Discover and Reflect.

An Open Day Free Class will be held on 27th August at Pitstop Fitness, 199 Jinguang Road Huachao town, Minhang District, Shanghai.

If you and your kids are interested in the course, don't hesitate to contact us!

patty lee