Come join World Trainer Open Day Free Class!


The WorldTrainer Summer Youth Camp ended on Aug 10 with a blast! Here’s what our amazing graduates and parents said about our program.

The passion and positive energy of the camp motivates my son to focus, build stamina and confidence in himself. ”

Kids had a lot of fun for sure. But the most important experience is the kids learned how to exercise safely and strengthened the core muscles.”

At the Summer Camp I’ve experienced how you feel physically can affect you mentally.”

The Summer Camp makes me feel happy and stronger!”

If you missed the summer youth camp, don’t worry. To get ready for our Fall WorldTrainer Youth Academy course, two Open Day Free Classes will be held on Aug 27 4:00pm and 5:00pm @ Pitstop.

Come and experience it yourself!

You will also get a chance to win one 12-week program worth RMB3680 on the Open Day by participating in the #WorldTrainerBalanceChallenge.

All kids in one class do the balance challenge on fitness ball at the same time. The one who can adhere on the fitness ball for the longest time will win a whole free program which values 5250RMB!

What’s more, participants on the Open Day can get 10% off of our program in September.

Action is better than hesitation! Register now!

patty lee