The World Trainer Open Day


In light of the upcoming Fall semester, WorldTrainer once again hosted an open day on 27th August and here’s the inside scoop.

We met quite a few newcomers, but we’re also pleased to see familiar faces! It’s great to see that students became good friends from our last Summer Camp. They’re thrilled for the next World Trainer Fall Camp to start on September 9th. The Open Day kickstarted the new program. The newcomers also quickly integrated into the group and played with each other.

The free class, like how each World Trainer class is structured, was divided into 3 parts: Inspire, Discover, and Reflection. Let’s have an in-depth look at the Open Day free class now!


Students learn about 3 things they can take charge of to maintain good health - diet, exercise, and sleep.



Partnered squat

Partnered squat

Plank walks

Plank walks

Obstacle relay course

Obstacle relay course

Through these exercises, kids get to discover their ability. At the same time, they also learned to work with each other.


After the exercises, it’s time for kids to reflect on what they learned. Being able to reflect on what we learned and discuss experiences can increase our self-awareness and widen our horizon.



Finally it was time for the #WorldTrainerBalanceChallenge! Can you guess who the winner is?


At World Trainer, we offer a holistic program that combines physical exercises, fun games, and life lessons to allow children to discover the importance of exercise and health, build self-confidence, a positive mind-set, and interpersonal skills.

The World Trainer Youth Academy - Fall Semester is coming on 9th September and last for 12 weeks.

Date & Time

Every Monday 5:30-7:00 PM: 1.5 hours of IDR (Inspire-Discover-Reflect)

Every Friday 7:05-7:55 AM: 50 min pure S&C (Strength & Conditioning)


PitStop, 199 Jinguang Road, North side mall, level 2, Huacao town, Minhang

Course fee

12-week full course (Monday and Friday; 28 hours): RMB 5250

12-week half course (Monday only; 18 hours of IDR): RMB 3860

Registration Link

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